Safeguarding Children:

Working Well with Children and Families in Lancashire

Working Well with Children and Families in Lancashire

Across Lancashire, we all believe that every child should have the opportunity to reach their full potential and that children are best supported to grow and achieve within their own families. The work of people who are alongside families when they experience challenge should be geared toward building strong foundations and developing assets and resilience so that children thrive. Equally, there will be times when, despite everyone’s best efforts to support families, children need our protection to stop them from being harmed. When this is the case, local authority children’s services will work with partners to provide this protection.

Working Well with Children and Families in Lancashire sets out the principles by which practitioners in Blackburn with Darwen, Blackpool and Lancashire will work with children and families. Parts 1 and 2 include the levels of need (p.23), example indicators of need for each level and set out the expected response to children and families who need additional help. A separate Part 3 is available for each local authority area and includes details of local services and how these can be contacted.

Documents and Forms

Working Well with Children and Families in Lancashire (Parts 1 and 2)

Working Well with Children and Families in Lancashire (Part 3 Blackpool)

1 page summary of Blackpool Children's Services Teams

Early Help Assessment Form

Early Help Meeting Record

Additional child and family member sheet

Blackpool Neglect Screening Tool

Blackpool Neglect Pre-Birth Screening Tool

Making a Request for Support

From 9am on Monday 26th April 2021 requests for support from the Blackpool Families Rock Request for Support Hub should be made using the online form here. This replaces the previous MARF form.

Working Well with Children and Families in Lancashire was launched in two virtual webinars in July 2020 which you can watch here. If you have any questions about Working Well with Children and Families in Lancashire please use the Contact Us page on this website.

The Blackpool Families Rock Request for Support Hub advice line

Telephone: 01253 478959 (For professionals only) (Monday – Thursday 9am – 5pm, Friday 9am – 4:30pm)

The line gives professionals working in services that come in to contact with children and families direct access to a social worker for advice and guidance without sharing identifiable information.

The advice line is open to all schools in the town, early years settings and pupil welfare; all health services such as midwives, health visitors, school nurses and CAMHS; probation, youth offending, prisons, police, children’s centres, fire services, drug services, housing, etc...

The advice line provides advice and support to partner agencies to support you to identify the most appropriate service or way of working to meet the child and family's needs. During consultation you will not need to share the personal details of children and their families, as the line is for advice and support only.

The advice line is NOT the direct route to request support from Children’s Services. If you would like to request support from Children’s Services you should read Parts 1 and 2 of Working Well with Children and Families in Lancashire and discuss your concerns with the safeguarding lead in your organisation. If you are unsure having done this whether a request for support should be made, you and or your safeguarding lead may find it helpful to then contact the advice line. The social worker can advise whether you need to request support from Children’s Services and help you ensure that you share all the relevant information to support good decision making when the request for support is received.

If you suspect or believe that a child is currently suffering or is likely to suffer significant harm or any form of mistreatment or abuse, to report your concerns immediately by making telephone contact with the Blackpool Families Rock Request for Support Hub MASH on 01253 477299.

Blackpool Children Partners Update Mailbox

In order to make information sharing as easy as possible during the first Covid lockdown Blackpool Council children’s services introduced the mailbox.

This has now been made a permanent way for practitioners in partner agencies to share information about children who are already open to children’s social care.

Examples of information shared could be:

  • Details of any face to face, phone or virtual contact with the child
  • Any unsuccessful contact e.g. home visit when the child was not present or an appointment that they were not brought to
  • Any change of circumstances in service provision e.g. the child is not currently in school
  • Any change in the child’s circumstances

The mailbox should not be used for any information that requires an immediate safeguarding response.

Please ensure that you include the name and date of birth of the child in your email.

The mailbox is checked at the start of the morning and by 3pm every working day, in order to allow time to arrange a visit if needed.

Emails will be copied on to the children’s services’ case management system and an alert sent to the social worker. Any information of concern will be brought to the immediate attention of a team manager or social worker.