Safeguarding Children:

Getting It Right

Getting It Right For Every Child In Blackpool (GIR)

What is “Getting it right”?

Blackpool’s strategy of support for Children, Young People and Families is called “Getting it Right for every Blackpool Child and Family”.
It is designed to help everyone who works with children and families in Blackpool in their work, and to ensure families get the right support at the right time.
All agencies that help children and families in Blackpool are signed up to a set of principles. The most important principle is to offer help to children and families who need it at the earliest possible stage. We call this “early intervention”.
It is vital that we all offer support to children and families at the earliest stage. Addressing these issues early gives us the best possible chance to tackle the problems and help create long term solutions.
We have developed a continuous assessment for professionals to gather information on the whole family and to support the process of creating a whole family action plan. This is supported by clear safeguarding thresholds of what to look for when assessing whether a Child or Family is in need of help.
Every agency has signed up to the ‘Getting it Right’ principles; this means that all professionals should be working through the continuous assessment process to engage with children and families at an early stage and understand when they might need to access additional support.


There are four thresholds, each describing some of the main characteristics and features of a child or family. 

Blackpool Threshold Document (pdf, 24kb)

A wide range of services with a shared responsibility

The majority of agencies provide support to families with needs that would be classified as level 1 (universal), level 2 (vulnerable) and level 3 (complex).
In practice, level 1 could mean services such as a Children’s Centre offering parenting advice and assistance to parents, or a health visitor making routine checks with a new family.
Level 2 is more targeted, to deal with a specific problem. This could be a speech therapist assisting a child with language development issues, or a school working to tackle occasional absence.
Level 3 requires one Key Worker to co-ordinate support for the whole family, usually involving a range of services. Where professionals and families agree that additional support is needed that cannot be met by existing support, the single continuous assessment can be shared with the Children’s Social Care, who will identify an appropriate service to offer additional support. 

Spotting problems at the earliest stage and getting the right support at the right time can stop a problem from escalating. This can only be achieved when all agencies are actively sharing information and sharing responsibility for the part they can play in improving things for our Children and Families.
In some cases, where a child is identified as being at risk of significant harm (level 4), an immediate response is required, in this instance safeguarding procedures should be followed.

Everyone has a role to play.
Do you know what your role is?

If not please speak to your manager, supervisor or someone with experience. Many agencies also have nominated ‘Getting it Right’ champions who are there to give extra support to people working through the‘Getting it Right’ process in their own service. Please ask in your own service who the GIR Champion is - if there isn’t one please volunteer to become one!

GIR Training

Blackpool Council provides training for practitioners across agencies to ensure that professionals understand, amongst other things, what is meant by ‘Getting it Right’, thresholds for intervention, access to services, key worker roles and function.

Please contact Organisation and Workforce Development for more information 

GIR Resources

GIR Leaflet (PDF,566kb)

Threshold Document (pdf,24kb)

The Three Principals of Early Support (pdf,66kb)

GIR Forms

GIR form (doc, 488kb)

Parental Consent Form (pdf,23kb)

Initial Review Meeting Form (doc,26kb)

Planning Document (doc,58kb)

Review of Contact Plan (pdf,64kb)

Getting it right for every Blackpool Child and Family is everybody’s business. Make it yours now.


I use my own specialist assessment- does this mean I have to use this too?

Which part of the form should I be completing?

Now that Early Support services have re-aligned their services to work with level 3 families who will work with families at level 2?

Where can I find more information about services that can support the families I am working with?

How do I access services at level 3 or level 4?

I’ve put a referral in but not had any feedback- what should I do?

I have more questions about GIR where can I get further information/ support?

I’ve heard there is a waiting list for services?