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Wellbeing for education return COVID-19

The content developed by MindEd and adapted for delivery by the Anna Freud Centre is broken down into two main webinars. Both webinars aim to give practical learning and steps to support and help strengthen schools/colleges in these unprecedented times. It’s crucial to appreciate that we are all in circumstances outside of our control, and in different ways under much addition additional pressure. The aim of the webinars is to acknowledge these challenges and through our relationships do the best we can for each other and the pupils and students we support.

Webinar one sets the scene of whole school/college approaches to mental health and wellbeing and resilience. It then uses school/college staff based vignettes to illustrate the approaches. These vignettes can be adapted for CYP or parents/carers. It’s helpful in considering wellbeing to learn the concepts and how to apply them to ourselves and the impact we have on CYP.

Webinar two goes into more detail on mental health and wellbeing challenges faced in times of coronavirus. It uses CYP based case studies, but the learning can be adapted and is transferable to all ages including staff and parents/carers. It is focused on recovery and building new resilience. It also provides guidance on warning indicators for additional needs and support.

Webinar 1 and Webinar 2 are now available with audio recordings. To access the audio webinars, please follow the below link. You do not need to register, just select ‘View’ and then ‘Continue’. Please download the audio webinars and play as a slide show.

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