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Coercive control and safeguarding

Coercive control and safeguarding

  • Date: TBA
  • Venue: Various

Target audience

This course is aimed at practitioners who work within the Children and Adults workforce as part of universal service or provide an early help service. As well as those who work within specialist services which sit under statutory intervention who wish to gain a better understanding of what 'coercive control' is.





Course code

To identify the need for future dates, please may you complete the application form for an expression of interest, using the date 01/04/2021 and course code EX42.

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The aim of this course is to gain an understand of what 'coercive control' is, and how this has an impact on individuals, parenting and children.


By the end of the session the course participants will have been informed how:

  • To explore how coercive control underpins domestic abuse
  • To developed an understanding of the characteristics of coercive control
  • To look at tactics such as love bombing, gas lighting and disruption of a child parent relationship
  • To examine the effects on individuals, children and parenting
  • To address engagement, assessment and planning for families and children

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