Training Events:

Domestic Abuse: Analysing the impact

Domestic Abuse: Analysing the impact

  • Date: TBA
  • Venue: Various

Target Audience

This course has been designed for those professionals who have direct involvement with families affected by Domestic Violence/Abuse, and specific safeguarding responsibilities.

This is not a basic/foundation course and there is an expectation that all participants will have already undertaken awareness raising training.

Please note that the Aide Memoir and other resources provided can only be used by participants who have attended the training.


Course Code

To identify the need for future dates, please may you complete the application form for an expression of interest, using the date 01/04/2021 and course code EX11.

Please note that the above date is not the date of training, and is only an example date.



The aim of this course is to explore how to work effectively with families in domestic abuse situations and provide practitioners with the knowledge and tools to support effective practice.


By the end of the session the course participants will have been informed how:

  • To examine the interface between Domestic Abuse, associated risk factors, protecting victims and safeguarding children.
  • To familiarise themselves with an Aide Memoir specifically written to address domestic abuse and enhance the assessment framework.
  • To explore theory associated with domestic abuse and understand the impact on parenting, family dynamics and child development.
  • To recognise the connection between domestic abuse and trauma.
  • To explore effectively a safety plan with victims/survivors and their children.

Please make a note of the course title, code and date - these are needed for the application form.