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Fabricated and Induced Illness / Injuries to Infants under 5 years

Fabricated and Induced Illness / Injuries to Infants under 5 years

  • Date: 23-11-2020
  • Venue: Various

Target Audience

This course is aimed at practitioners who work within the children’s workforce. This includes universal services, education, charities and those who provide an early help service or for those practitioners who work within specialist services at statutory intervention level who wish to gain a better understanding of fabricated and induced illness. As well as identifying injuries to infants under 5 years.





Course Code


9:30am - 16:30pm


Solaris Centre



To assist professionals to improve their knowledge of Fabricated & Induced Illness and contribute to their professional development. To further understanding and enhance cooperation in order to improve the quality of service.


By the end of the session the course participants will have been informed how:

  • To identify the background information about FII
  • To recognise the major signs and symptoms of FII, as well as key features of perpetrators
  • To recall the importance of working with families in a non-collusive way
  • To recognise what to if they suspect FII
  • To review the importance of communication in cases of FII
  • To determine the impact of children of FII
  • To examine their attitudes vis-à-vis the focus being on the child and working with uncertainty
  • To classify the importance of staff support
  • To recognise significance of injuries to non-mobile infants
  • To reinforce the importance of thorough assessment and investigation when non-mobile infants are presented with injuries
  • To classify the range of such injuries and consider key messages from several SCRs where this has been an issue of concern
  • To raise awareness of the Pan Lancashire Procedures about injury to non-mobile infants

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