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Raising awareness of the prevent strategy and radicalisation

Raising awareness of the prevent strategy and radicalisation

  • Date: TBA
  • Venue: Various

Target Audience

This course is aimed at practitioners who work within the children’s and adult's workforce as part of universal service or provide an early help service. 

Course Code

To identify the need for future dates, please may you complete the application form for an expression of interest, using the date 01/04/2021 and course code EX37.

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The aim of this session is to raise awareness into prevent, the CONTEST strategy, terrorism and different forms of extremism. Within this session you will be looking at real life cases and explore the radicalisation process and vulnerability indicators to look for when a person may be groomed. Also to focus on what help is available and how to report any concerns.


By the end of the session the course participants will have been informed how:

  • To identify the aims of the PREVENT strategy from the Home Office
  • To recognise who is at risk of radicalisation or other forms of extremism
  • To understand the pathways for referrals into CHANNEL
  • To recognise vulnerability indicators of those at risk of being targeted.

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