Safeguarding Children:

Alcohol - parents and carers

Alcohol and parenting

When you drink alcohol, your parenting may be affected because drinking reduces your concentration and co-ordination, giving you a loss of self-control. This can have many effects on children, including abuse or neglect. 

Staying sober

If you're too drunk to look after your kids, they could end up in hospital because of falls, burns, choking, poisoning and more. It's best to stay sober when they're in your care.

Get help with your drinking

For free and confidential local advice and support, contact Horizon on 01253 752100

You can also find more information on alcohol support on the NHS choices website.

Reporting child neglect

If you have any concerns regarding the welfare of a child, please call the Duty and Assessment Team on 01253 477299

If the child is at immediate risk, always call 999