Pan Lancashire is adapting rapidly to help reduce the risk of Covid-19 spreading and to protect our health service.

The changes are inevitably causing a lot of disruption to the way in which we all live, and to our normal ways of working together.

This is a frightening and unsettling time for many families and young people and those who were already at heightened risk of abuse, but we are also seeing people step forward to assist others and real efforts by neighbourhoods to look after one another.

We have compiled a list of resources that we hope will be useful during this unsettled time.

Health advice

Symptom Guidance NHS:

Public Health England:

Self-Isolation and Social Distancing Guidance:

Self-Isolation and Social Distancing Guidance (multiple language translations):

The government has released translation guidance for self-isolation and social distancing into the following languages: Arabic, French, Mandarin, Cantonese, Polish and Welsh. The links are here: AND

Advice from Lancashire Constabulary

Police guidance:

Financial advice


Citizens Advice:

Advice and support for voluntary sector services

Government guidance for charity sector:

Charity Commission guidance:

Advice for Educational settings

COVID-19: Psychological First Aid

Early years message from Dr. Arif Rajpura

School message from Dr. Arif Rajpura


Coronavirus: webinar on supporting children, young people and their families:

Coronavirus: safeguarding and child protection: helping you support children during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Coronavirus: 5 steps to update your safeguarding policies and procedures:

Coronavirus briefing: safeguarding and child protection: AND

Coronavirus: children returning to school in England: AND AND

Coronavirus: safe working in education, childcare and children’s social care: AND

Coronavirus: schools: FAQs: AND

Coronavirus: children returning to school's health and wellbeing: AND

Coronavirus: guidance and information for schools: Coronavirus (COVID-19) briefing: safeguarding guidance and information for schools 

Coronavirus: children returning to school in England: All children 'back to school full-time' in September

Coronavirus: free school meals in England: Providing free school meals during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak

Advice from your councils

Blackpool guidance:

Blackburn guidance:

Lancashire guidance:

Domestic abuse services

*This includes physical AND sexual violence.


Domestic abuse helpline:

Empowerment Charity - The Den:

For Baby's Sake:

Fylde Coast Women's Aid:




National Centre for Domestic Violence (Provides free and fast emergency injunction advice to individuals experiencing domestic abuse):

Hollie Gazzard Trust:

Suzy Lamplugh Trust, National Stalking Helpline:

Support for Children and Young People


Amazing Graze Soup Kitchen for the Homeless

The Boathouse Youth:

Bay Housing Association:

Blackpool Betterstart:

Blackpool Boys and Girls club:

Blackpool Carers Centre:

Drop in from Streetlife:

Empowerment - The Den:

Horizon LGBTQ+:


*For any local services we may have missed, please see here for a full list of services in Blackpool open to Families and Children.


Advice and counselling for young people:



Children’s Society:

Children’s Society (staying safe online):

Essential support for under 25s:

Federation for Detached Youth Work:


National Citizen service:



Supporting young people’s mental health:

Winston’s Wish:

Youth work support:

Additional resources

7 minute briefing: Professional Curosity

7 minute briefing: Safeguarding for Volunteers


Coronavirus: social isolation and the risk of child abuse: Social isolation and the risk of child abuse during and after the coronavirus pandemic

Duty of care in sport: Duty of care

Coronavirus: advice for parents and carers: Coronavirus (COVID-19): keeping children safe from abuse and harm (advice for parents and carers)

Coronavirus: young carers: Understanding the needs of young carers in the context of the COCID-19 global pandemic (PDF)

Coronavirus: impact on children and young people in BAME communities: How is COVID-19 affecting children and young people in BAME communities?

Coronavirus: BAME children and young people’s mental health:How Covid-19 is affecting the mental Health of young people in the BAME community (PDF)

Coronavirus: impact on children living in poverty: Children in lockdown: the consequences of the coronavirus crisis for children living in poverty (PDF)

Coronavirus: social impacts on young people: Coronavirus and the social impacts on young people in Great Britain: 3 April to 10 May 2020


Many leading professionals are beginning to release stories appropriate for children. This may help give some structure to the conversations with children, and may also provide us with some reassurance that what we are telling them is appropriate.

Children’s guide to coronavirus. Children’s commissioner. Downloadable at:

EBook: Coronavirus. A book for children. Elizabeth Jenner, Kate Wilson & Nia Roberts. Downloadable at:

EBook: Dave the Dog is worried about coronavirus. Molly Watts. Downloadable at:

EBook: Hello! My name is coronavirus. Manuela Molina. Downloadable at:

World Health Organisation:

National Centre for Children and Families:

Resources for nursery and primary schools: Tizz Time: